Around the World | China

Mr Fogg's Society of Exploration

Covent Garden, London

Following their stay in the colourful city of Hong Kong, our explorers travelled to the bustling city of Shanghai. Situated on the Yangtze river, this sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis is the capital of China and is an intersection of culture, history and innovation. After wandering around the city for a few days, our intrepid pair flew to Guilin in North Guangxi, which translates to “Forest of Sweet Osmanthus”.

Upon reaching Guilin, our courageous explorers sailed along the magically serene river Li on a small bamboo raft, meandering through the rugged sheer sided karst mountain and breathtaking verdant hills. Not letting hours of fierce downpour dampen their spirits, our adventurers also explored the mysteriously stunning landscape of Yangshuo by riding along the undulating hills of the region on a most revolutionary mode of travel, by way of the ‘scooter’.

From Liujiang, our courageous pair enjoyed a more scenic mode of transport as they travelled to Wulingyuan on an overnight sleeper train. This provided an opportunity to not only meet curious characters, fellow travellers and locals, but also proved to be an enchanting way of admiring the unforgettable views of the dramatic cloud-topped mountains wizz by, in the comfort of a warm (and dry) train carriage. Next stop…Zhangjiajie!

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