On Wednesday the 2nd of October 1872, Phileas J. Fogg, Esq. embarked upon his journey around the world. He had wagered with fellow members of the Reform Club that he would be able to complete this trip within eighty days. They thought him mad, but Fogg was quite the gambling man. He was well-versed in the game of whist and not one who enjoyed losing… nor to be found wrong. He was, therefore, determined to prove them wrong and complete his trip around the world in eighty days.


Nine years ago, Phileas J. Fogg, Esq. decided to open the doors of his Mayfair home to the public. Trusted companions, fellow explorers and loyal patrons were welcomed into the residence to cast their eyes upon his legendary collection. Guests could enjoy hospitality at its best, as Passepartout and the household staff tirelessly waited on them hand and foot. Very soon, his residence became a place famed for its exquisite libations and exciting entertainment. His Residence was no longer just his home, but a prestigious Mayfair watering hole.


Just over two years later, Mr Fogg’s Aunt Gertrude sadly passed away, leaving behind her home on St. Martin’s Lane. Situated in the heart of theatre-land, she was incredibly fond of the performing arts and well-respected within London’s theatrical circles. Much to everyone’s surprise, she left the ground floor of her home to her lifelong devoted housekeeper, Fanny McGee. In memory of the late Aunt Gertrude, Fanny decided to create a tavern where like-minded folk and lovers of the arts could enjoy hearty British grub and no-nonsense tipples. Phileas inherited her apartment upstairs and mused what to do with the floor above this rowdy tavern.


On the corner of St Martin’s Lane and New Row, located just above the downstairs tavern, Mr Fogg decided to create a Gin Parlour. It was a place he could proudly showcase the selection of more than 200 wondrous gins that he had collected over time on his global adventures. It became a sanctuary where he and his friends could escape from the hustle and bustle of downstairs. Hosting adventurous Gin Safaris and intimate cocktail sessions, the parlour became a place of refined enjoyment.


Three years passed, and during this time Mr Fogg was fortuitous in making the acquaintance of some of the world’s most valued scientists, botanists and cultivators of herbaceous wonders. Ever the pedantic man, Phileas insisted Passepartout kept a careful record and sample of every seed and plant-cutting he’d ever successfully collected. Electrically-charged flowers, carnivorous potted plants, medicinal tinctures and exquisite effusions of floral perfume – it was quite the collection indeed. Henceforth, Fogg acquired a house in Fitzrovia with the means of housing his amazing assortment of articles. It boasted high ceilings suitable for the most towering of stems, and windows large enough to nurse even the most sun-craving of his exotic collection, allowing the curious to bear witness to his vast collection.


Then, returning to London after yet another intrepid adventure, Mr Fogg found himself not a stone’s throw from the location that he’d embarked upon on his infamous journey all those years ago: the charming Charing Cross station. It was there he made the decision to create his Society of Exploration. It would be a sanctuary for those more curious than most; those who wished to push the boundaries of the ordinary, who hoped to test the limits of science, travel, botany and modern mechanics. Housing an impressive selection of worldly libations, a life-size Victorian steam train and the world’s first Mechanical Mixologist, Mr Fogg welcomed explorers, scientists and like-minded individuals to join him in the united pursuit of revolutionary innovation.


Returning afresh from his global adventures yet again, worldly traveller and newly certificated Dr. Phileas J. Fogg, Esq. had opened a wondrous Apothecary on Mayfair’s Brook Street – home to a miraculous collection of restorative remedies and curative tonics from around the world! This Apothecary team work hard to prescribe accurately mixed and measured elixirs in the form of delectable cocktails, served in medicinal bottles of all shapes and sizes.


Following Phileas Fogg’s new-found fame, his wayward half-brother, Frank Fogg, grasped the opportunity to capitalise on the family name and launched the eighth Fogg’s venue, acquiring his very own Pawnbrokers. Bearing the same name, yet drastically opposite in character, Frank Fogg is certainly the more deviant of the two – crafty, cunning and curious, to say the least. Located at 50 Dean Street in Soho, his mysterious Victorian pawn shop contains a curious array of antiques collected from around the world.


Inspired by his ardent passion for gin and hats, Mr Fogg began his endeavour to bring his two passions together, culminating in the creation of his next venture: The Hat Tavern & Gin Club. Nestled opposite Henry Heath’s Hat Factory, his heart brimmed with joy at such a fitting location! Across two floors, wanderers are beckoned to behold an extraordinary menagerie of headwear in the Hat Tavern, ranging from resplendent bonnets to towering top hats, or to venture into the depths of the secretive speakeasy-style Gin Club below.


After popular demand, Phileas embarked on adding yet another tavern to his esteemed Collection – this time, in the heart of The City. A sanctuary awaited in Broadgate Circle, where Mr. Fogg’s confidants among the accountants, lawyers, and bankers of London would convene after arduous days in their offices. Inspired by his globe-trotting spirit, The City Tavern showcases a collection of old Victorian portraits and artefacts from every corner of the world, each a cherished relic bestowed by the esteemed members of the Reform Club. Here, camaraderie flourishes amidst the shared narratives of worldly adventures. Located in Broadgate Circle, patrons can unwind at high wooden tables and savour a selection of draught beers, punches, expertly crafted cocktails and a delectable array of traditional British pub grub.


Each establishment within the Mr Fogg’s Collection boasts an extensive drinks menu, designed to tantalise the senses. Our libations feature innovative twists on classics and uniquely crafted cocktails by some of the country’s award-winning mixologists. Our selection of wines, champagnes, spirits, ales and beers is meticulously curated to ensure only the finest quality offerings, transcending the boundaries of the norm for our discerning patrons.

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