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Hat Tavern

A raucous tavern serving beers and expertly crafted cocktails, with a secretive Gin Club below.

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Hold onto your hats!

Sitting opposite Henry Heath’s Hat Factory, Phileas J. Fogg is thrilled to have opened the doors to his new Hat Tavern & Gin Club on Soho’s Great Chapel Street. A gentleman of refined taste and a profound lover of hats, Mr Fogg had endeavoured to curate an establishment where he could share two of his greatest passions: the art of millinery and the appreciation of fine gin.

Spanning across two floors, The Hat Tavern & Gin Club is a haven for both hat enthusiasts and discerning drinkers alike. Here, patrons can admire the extraordinary collection of hats on display, from bright-coloured bonnets and flamboyant fascinators to the tallest of towering top hats – all whilst savouring a wondrous selection of eccentric libations served by Mr Fogg’s dedicated hat makers.

The Hat Tavern

This welcoming space offers exquisite bar snacks, alongside an impressive selection of draught beers, ales and expertly crafted cocktails, all served from an imposing Victorian bar backed by exquisite muffle glass panels. Here, guests can marvel at the resplendent array of millinery, alongside a huge collection of portraits adorned with hats.

The Gin Club

Keeping the Gin Club history of the building alive, beneath the bustling Hat Tavern lies a refined secretive space, where exceptional millinery meets exquisite gin libations. Accessed through a secret entrance, this exclusive club boasts Mr Fogg’s vast collection of fine gins and a large trunk of hats for guests to try on.

Gin libations are served from a bar created from a repurposed milliners’ bench, inside an exclusive room where Fogg and his friends would enjoy hat fittings alongside a large glass of ‘Mother’s Ruin’ away from prying eyes.

Private Parties

Hosting up to 110 guests, step into the peculiar world of Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club on Soho’s Great Chapel Street – a haven for private parties of all kinds. Made up of two incredibly unique spaces, this adventurous location houses an extraordinary collection of millinery, premium gins and beers, alongside an array of hats in all colours, shapes and sizes.


Mr Fogg's Hat Tavern
22 Great Chapel St, London W1F 8FR
Nearest tube station: Tottenham Court Road
020 7590 3608

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