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Society of Exploration

Home to the world’s first Mechanical Mixologist! An atmospheric speakeasy cocktail bar in Covent Garden for the truly adventurous…

All Adventurers Welcome

Mr Fogg's Society of Exploration

Founded by Phileas J. Fogg, Esq., The Society is located only a stone’s throw away from Charing Cross station – the starting point of his famous voyage around the world! Society fellows and adventurers alike can sip on exploratory tipples in the dimly-lit Drawing Room; let off steam with a libation or two inside our life-size Victorian Train Carriage; or gaze with wonder upon cabinets of curiosities in the mysterious Map Room.

Come and encounter hidden wonders of the world at The Society – from bookcases brimming with timeless antiques and weather-beaten maps, to old mounted portraits of past explorers whose spirit of adventure remains within these very walls. Taking pride of place behind the wood-panelled bar sits the world’s first automated Negroni-making machine, a symbol of the innovative fruits of the Industrial Revolution – the cleverly-crafted and ever-extraordinary Mechanical Mixologist!

Exploratory Libations

Travel the world via the portals of your taste buds and sample elixirs sourced from the farthest corners of the globe, as our multi-sensory cocktail menu takes you on a journey through nine extraordinary areas of the Earth.

Past Midnight Society

Every Thursday to Saturday until 2.01am

As the clock strikes midnight, The Society of Exploration comes alive! Open until the early hours, step foot inside Phileas’ low-lit subterranean speakeasy bar in London’s Covent Garden.

Perfect for those with a penchant for the world’s finest libations, Phileas J. Fogg invites you to clink your glasses and make merry with your Society fellows late into the night. From enchanting smoking cocktails to the most extraordinary vessels, drink your way through a truly imaginative menu of spirits and elixirs from the farthest corners of the globe.

Mr Fogg's Society of Exploration
1a Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9HH
Nearest tube station: Charing Cross
020 7590 5255

Open today1.01pm - 2.01am
Monday4.01pm - 12.01am
Tuesday4.01pm - 12.01am
Wednesday4.01pm - 2.01am
Thursday4.01pm - 2.01am
Friday4.01pm - 2.01am
Saturday1.01pm - 2.01am
Sunday3.01pm - 12.01am