House of Botanicals

Mr Fogg's House of Botanicals

Fitzrovia, London

Be one of the first to experience Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals this summer at 48 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1QQ.

Imagine a place filled entirely with flora and fauna collected from all over the world. A place created solely with the adventurous in mind. Five years ago, Phileas J. Fogg, Esq. opened the doors to his Mayfair Residence, followed by his Tavern and Gin Parlour in Covent Garden. This summer, he shall be unveiling his next exciting endeavour – a cocktail bar for the adventuros. Blooming on Thursday 26th of July, Phileas opens the doors to his very own House of Botanicals!

As a result of Mr Fogg’s many expeditions around the globe, he was fortuitous in making the acquaintance of some of the world’s most valued scientists, botanists and cultivators of herbaceous wonders. Recognised as skilled in the art of securing safe passage through some of the world’s most unknown locales, Fogg became sought-after for his ability to transport all manner of strange and exotic flora and fauna. Ever the pedantic man, Phileas insisted Passepartout kept a careful record and sample of every seed and plant-cutting he’d ever successfully collected.

Electrically-charged flowers, carnivorous potted plants, medicinal tinctures and exquisite effusions of floral perfume, it was quite the collection indeed. Henceforth, Fogg acquired a house in Fitzrovia with the means of housing his amazing assortment of articles, and allowing the curious to bear witness to his vast collection. Boasting high ceilings suitable for the most towering of stems, and windows large enough to nurse even the most sun-craving of his exotic collection, Mr Fogg was ready to open the doors to his House of Botanicals.