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Below Deck

This is where the real party happens… Join the Stowaways as they show you how to have a shindig, Ceilidh-style!

Live Irish Band

So, you want to go to a real party?

Join us every Thursday & Friday from 9.31pm, as you join the Stowaways and the Below Deck folk in the ship’s hold for a night of raucous merrymaking! Clap your hands and stomp your feet to the sounds of our Irish band, as you fully immerse yourself in the era and tap your toes to the beat of the fiddle. Practice your Ceilidh calls, link arms with your fellow passengers and get into the spirit of Below Deck! 

Jig & Swig

Bootlegged booze & half-inched fare

Sneak past the upper-class gentry and make your way down the stairs, where the crew play havoc and the ship’s cargo is unearthed. Fishing nets, bric-a-brac and hidden treasures hang from the ceiling. The Stowaways serve up bootlegged booze, stolen liquor found in cargo crates and delicious half-inched Indian-fusion food, taken from first class, in their slapdash speakeasy.  

Private Parties

Enjoy a nautical soirée

Revel in the main area complete with a fully-fitted DJ booth and stage, perfect for entertaining guests. Or, for more intimate gatherings, congregate in The EnGINe Room, where you and your guests can experience a private soirée right in the heart of the ship. With warm lighting and burgundy leather seating, gaze upon the ship’s walls covered in curving copper piping, mechanical switches and dials.

Gin Adventure

Make your very own gin...

Below Deck also sits the EnGINe room, where the crew’s gin distillery sits. Join us every Saturday as the grumpy EnGINe Master welcomes passengers to learn all about mother’s ruin and the botanicals used to create different gins. Taste three spectacular gins, before trying your hand at creating your own! 

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