Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour

Located in London’s vibrant Covent Garden, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour is a must-visit gin bar. This iconic establishment boasts a remarkable collection of over 200 gins, from classics to rare varieties, making it a haven for gin enthusiasts. With cozy, upholstered seats and an eclectic atmosphere, it’s the ideal place to savor fine libations. From afternoon teas to gin masterclasses, this Covent Garden gem offers a diverse array of experiences, making it the epitome of Gin bars in London’s Covent Garden. Your gin adventure starts here.

Mr Fogg's Gin Club

Nestled in the heart of London’s bustling Soho, just off Oxford Street and a stone’s throw away from the Crossrail station, is a hidden gem among Gin bars in London. This enchanting establishment pays homage to the Gin Club’s rich history, creating a refined and secretive space where the world of exceptional millinery meets the art of crafting exquisite gin libations.

Accessed through a discreet entrance, this exclusive club showcases Mr Fogg’s extensive collection of fine gins and offers a delightful array of hats for guests to try on, adding a touch of whimsy to your visit.

Private Hire

Available for private parties for 10 to 50 guests

The refined space boasts a collection of over 150 gins, from known favourites to rare and uniquely selected gins. Next to the gin room lies the parlour, which features beautiful and traditionally upholstered furniture, alongside eclectic trinkets adorning the surrounding walls. The perfect space for any occasion.

Gin Experiences

There’s something for everyone, from gin-tasting masterclasses to delectable afternoon teas. Why don’t you try our incredible Gin Safari as you educate yourself on the history of gin and sample a selection of tasters and botanicals, or step back in time and revel in a delightful sweet treat and sip on award-winning libations made by Mr Fogg’s expert gin-thusiasts.