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Mr Fogg's At-Home Cocktails

Truly immerse yourself in the spirit of the Victorian era, inside the comfort of your very own humble abode – as Phileas J. Fogg presents to you an evening of pure delectation, with his wondrous At-Home Cocktail kits!

Enjoy the finest Fogg's cocktails from home...

Behind our fabled doors, Passepartout and the household staff have been busy working on a marvellous NEW at-home cocktail venture! Delivered through your letterbox by the trusted folks at the Royal Mail, Mr Fogg’s at-home cocktails contain award-winning libations and exquisite treats for your delectation and pleasure. Simply find your favourite glass, pour your cocktail to the brim, sit back and enjoy…


– A double serving pouch of your chosen cocktail

– Dried garnish to make the perfect serve

– A sweet stash of treats

All the Victorian spirit in a box...

Whether it’s a gift for an esteemed companion or a treat for yourself, our At-Home Cocktails are the perfect spirited adventure to quench one’s thirst! Each delightful cocktail pouch is full to the brim with TWO generous servings; choose from an array of our finest Fogg’s cocktails, from a mulled wine tipple to our classic Cointreau Margarita. Complete with wondrous gifts from Phileas J. Fogg himself, Mr Fogg’s At-Home Cocktails hold all the spirit of the Victorian era in one box!

Cocktails on the delivery menu


  • Mr Fogg’s Cocktail Crate for 5 companions (10 Servings): Snow Queenie Martini, Lady Marmalade, Mrs Fogg’s Cherry Pie, Mr Fogg’s Cointreau Margarita, Espresso Ticket to Java
  • Snow Queenie Martini: The Botanist gin, Aperol, creme de framboise liqueur, pineapple cordial, citric acid solution and still pink rhubarb tonic water
  • Mr Fogg’s Cointreau Margarita: Cointreau orange liqueur, AquaRiva Blanco tequila, citric acid solution and aromatic bitters
  • Mrs Fogg’s Cherry Pie: Mount Gay Black Barrel Double Cask rum, cherry liqueur, mulled wine, apple pie syrup and rooibos tea
  • Lady Marmalade: The Botanist gin, Cointreau Blood Orange liqueur, creme de pechè, Earl Grey tea cordial and citric acid solution and chocolate bitters
  • Espresso Ticket to Java: Remy Martin VSOP cognac, amaretto, coffee, banana, vanilla and chocolate bitters
  • Teetotal Desire 0% ABV (Non-alcoholic): Martini Vibrante Non-Alcoholic Aperitif, pineapple and berries cordial, citric acid solution, and flat pink rhubarb tonic water