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Mrs Fogg’s Lunchtime Shore Leave

Served Daytime between 11:01am - 4:01pm

Available throughout the Dockside Drinkery, Steamer and Below Deck

Roasted cauliflower steak

V+ GF £9.5

with cauliflower rice, almonds and lightly curried cauliflower purée

Chilli cheese toastie

V+ £7.5

The skipper’s favourite

Vegan burger

V+ £10.5

with onion bhaji rings, baby gem lettuce, tomato and spicy tomato sauce

Pulled Jackfruit burger

V+ £10

with green chilli & bean slaw

Naan bread pizza

V+ £9

with paneer, mozzarella, spinach, cherry tomatoes and green chillies

Pulled pork burger


with chilli slaw

Tandoori fried chicken burger


with baby gem lettuce, tomato and mango chutney, in a pretzel bun with chilli mayo dip

Masala fried fish


with chips and Indian spice-infused tartare sauce

Coronation chicken salad


with yoghurt dressing and naan bread croutons


All £3.5

Onion bhaji rings

Sweet potato fries

Green leaf salad


Fries with curry sauce