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Corporate Cocktail Gifts

If you live or work in London, you may well know Mr Fogg’s – a collection of adventurous bars set in the Victorian era. Since 2013, our mixologists have been serving some of the finest cocktails in the land – in fact, too good not to share! Now, we are giving you the chance to offer our cocktails as corporate gifts or for virtual drinks with colleagues. We can make all the effort so that you don’t have to!
From as little as £15pp.


Congratulate or motivate your fellow colleagues with one of our instant Mr Fogg’s cocktails, delivered straight to their letterbox. Each at-home cocktail kit contains award-winning libations and exquisite treats.


– A double serving pouch of your chosen cocktail

– Dried garnish to make the perfect serve

– A sweet stash of bonbons

All bases are covered with alcohol-free cocktails also available to order.


Who wants ordinary? You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a unique and memorable corporate gift. We’ve created some incredible cocktails, but for you perhaps we can go one step further! For larger order quantities, we can help you create your own custom drink, premium edible treat and custom label including your logo. We’re also able to help with personal messages.

Cocktails on the delivery menu


  • Mr Fogg’s Cocktail Crate for 5 companions (10 Servings): Snow Queenie Martini, Lady Marmalade, Saint Nick’s Mulled Nip, Cointreau Christmas Margarita, Reindeer Fuel Espresso
  • Snow Queenie Martini: The Botanist gin, Aperol, creme de framboise liqueur, pineapple cordial, citric acid solution and still pink rhubarb tonic water
  • Cointreau Christmas Margarita: Cointreau orange liqueur, AquaRiva Blanco tequila, citric acid solution and aromatic bitters
  • Saint Nick’s Mulled Nip: Mount Gay Black Barrel Double Cask rum, cherry liqueur, mulled wine, apple pie syrup and rooibos tea
  • Lady Marmalade: The Botanist gin, Cointreau Blood Orange liqueur, creme de pechè, Earl Grey tea cordial and citric acid solution and chocolate bitters
  • Reindeer Fuel Espresso: Remy Martin VSOP cognac, amaretto, coffee, banana, vanilla and chocolate bitters
  • Pure As Snow 0% ABV (Non-alcoholic): Martini Vibrante Non-Alcoholic Aperitif, pineapple and berries cordial, citric acid solution, and flat pink rhubarb tonic water

Gift Mr Fogg's Cocktails

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