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Covent Garden, London

Our Around the World explorers have arrived in the United States of America, as they embark upon the final leg their journey and retrace the steps of the intrepid adventurer, Phileas J. Fogg! Upon reaching San Francisco in the western state of California, the adventurous pair watched the sun set slowly over Golden Gate Bridge, before renting a camper van and beginning their expedition.

The road trip largely consisted of darting across the impressive network of vast and elongated Californian highways. The freedom, serenity and stunning backdrop of the endless open road provided the perfect opportunity for our explorers to reflect on their adventure around the world.

Their first stop was Yosemite National Park, where the pair marvelled at the grand, imposing summit of El Capitan, exploring the wonders of the vast natural forests and encountering a real black bear! Next stop was the incredibly stunning (and rather cold!) Mammoth Lakes in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

En route to Arizona, our daring duo visited Hot Creek in Mono County, East California. The volcanically active and mountainous geological site consisted of a plethora of striking blue, bubbling geothermal springs, oozing with mystical toxic gases and intriguing mineral and rock formations.

Our venturesome pair spent two days traversing the Death Valley National Park, located near the border of California and Nevada, east of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Despite its ominous name and desolate landscape, our courageous explorers slept under the stars in the mysteriously pleasant silence of the desert, watched the sun rise over the undulating Mesquite Sand Dunes and walked through the lowest point in North America!

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