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Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery

The City | Up to 380 guests


Our biggest Fogg’s venue yet, Mrs Fogg’s is located in the heart of the City and pulls inspiration from Mr Fogg’s better half – his Indian wife, Aouda. With decor inspired by India, as well as a life-size version of the Rangoon Steamer, there is no shortage of incredible spaces for you and your guests to enjoy. Sit in the steamer’s beautifully curtained compartments, or gather in the Maritime Club – a sophisticated, elegant area featuring both nautical and Indian decorative touches. Downstairs is where the crew play havoc, as precious cargo is unearthed and the floor transformed into a speakeasy-style bar where guests can enjoy both seated and standing events. Revel in the main area, or for a more intimate gathering, congregate in The Engine Room, which sits just next to the breathtaking fully-functioning Distillery.

– Full venue: Up to 380 guests

– Steamer: Up to 45 seated

– Distillery: Up to 125 excluding the private bar which is another 25.