Venue hire

Christmas at Mr Fogg’s Pawnbrokers

Soho, London

From 20 to 120 guests

Leicester Square

A festive party packed with curiosities!

Step into a whimsical Christmas wonderland at our enchanting venue, where up to 120 festive guests can immerse themselves in the peculiar world of the fictional Frank Fogg. Delight in his newly-acquired Victorian shop, adorned with a bizarre and captivating display of unique artifacts collected from around the world, perfect for sparking holiday curiosity and joy.

Behold the twinkling trio of golden spheres adorning 50 Dean Street, guiding you to the heart of our seasonal sanctuary. Gaze through the grand bay window, adorned with delightful wares ‘for sale,’ and step within to uncover three incredibly unique spaces: The Pawnbrokers Counter, The Strong Room & The Textiles Room, each adorned with a touch of merry charm.

Upon entering, guests are embraced by The Pawnbrokers Counter, boasting a grand wooden bar, display tables that double as festive cabinets, and banquette seating with a view of Soho’s bustling holiday streets. Adorned with keepsakes, Victorian curiosities, and even a sprinkle of curious holiday erotica, every item on display dons its own hefty ‘price tag.’ True to Mr. Fogg’s holiday spirit, the upholstery boasts rich textures and tones, harmonizing with the original parquet flooring and an array of captivating curiosities throughout.

Full venue hire: From 20 to 120 guests

The Textiles Room

Tucked away at the rear of Mr Fogg’s Pawnbrokers, The Textiles Room awaits now infused with a touch of Christmas enchantment. With its own exclusive bar adorned with vintage carpets and rugs, this captivating dimly-lit retreat boasts a wondrous collection of floor-to-ceiling tapestries sourced from around the world.

The Textiles Room: 20 to 45 guests

Full venue hire: 20 to 120 guests

The Strong Room

Nestled alongside the main space, The Pawnbrokers boasts a hidden treasure: The Strong Room. Drawing inspiration from the secured vaults and deposits of Victorian pawnbrokers, this space showcases a stunning collection of jewels, gold and antique busts displayed in elegant glass-fronted cabinets. Let this Christmas season guide you to our haven of opulence and wonder as you explore the magic of The Strong Room!

The Strong Room: Up to 25 guests

Full venue hire: 20 to 120 guests

The Textiles & Strong Room

Embrace the festive spirit as we welcome up to 70 cherished guests to step inside our two exclusive spaces connected by a mysterious door. The Strong Room features 19th-century jewels, silver and gold plate, antique busts, and other valuable items safely deposited in glass cabinets, while The Textiles Room has floor-to-ceiling tapestries from around the world and its own private vintage-carpeted bar. Immerse yourself in a world of wonder and imagination in these two captivating spaces.


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