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Dockside Drinkery & Distillery

A nautical-themed cocktail bar for the adventurous featuring spectacular cocktails, refreshing tipples, live music, immersive experiences and much more…

Introducing Mr Fogg's better half...

Mrs Fogg’s is located in the heart of the City and is inspired by Fogg’s Indian wife, Aouda, and the Victorian steamship that they travelled from India to London on. On the ground floor sits the raucous and merry Dockside Drinkery. Perfect for walk-ins, it features an extensive selection of beers, wines, punches, cocktails and more, as well as a delicious all-day food menu. Next to it sits the beautiful Rangoon Steamer – an elegant steamship serving exquisite cocktails. Below Deck, you’ll find the EnGINe room and Distillery, where the ship’s crew host expert gin tastings and masterclasses.

Dockside Drinkery

All the charm of a Victorian dockside tavern

Aye aye! Harbour your boats, anchor your ships and berth your backsides, six days a week at Mrs Fogg’s Dockside Drinkery. Weary sailors, thirsty patrons, seafaring sirens and stealthy stowaways, come and enjoy our raucous Victorian-style East End Tavern. Wet your whistles on ice-cold beers, punches, wines, ales and more, as well as enjoying draught cocktails and pints from our outside bar. Or, feast on our grub, enjoying a combination of British fare such as fish & chips or delicious Indian-fusion dishes such as our delicious Tandoori chicken burger. Reserve a dock space, or simply moor your boats, as we enjoy a jolly good knees-up by the shore!

Rangoon Steamer

Elegant and refined, serving exquisite cocktails

Anchored next to the Dockside Drinkery is the life-size Rangoon Steamer. Complete with beautifully curtained windows, grand chandeliers and equipped with its very own bar, you can experience all the splendour of travelling first class. Sip on exceptionally crafted cocktails and enjoy a selection of delicious Indian-fusion dishes to pair with your libations.

Gin Brunch

Every Saturday, enjoy our new incredible Gin Brunch. Enjoy an Indian-fusion menu alongside free-flowing G&Ts and cocktails, as well as do-it-yourself Red Snappers.


From Gin Adventure to Gin Brunch, immerse yourself in our selection of unique experiences…

Venue Hire

Four unique spaces catering from 40 to 400 guests...

Our biggest Fogg’s venue yet, Mrs Fogg’s is located in the heart of the City and has no shortage of incredible spaces for you and your guests to enjoy. The Rangoon Steamer – which seats up to 40 passengers – is complete with opulent curtains, plush velvet seating and grand chandeliers. Alternatively, gather on the ground floor – a fun, casual, nautical-themed spot with all the charm of a Victorian Dockside Tavern. Below Deck, the space boasts cargo unearthed by the ship’s stowaways, creating a speakeasy-style bar, where guests can enjoy both seated and standing events. Revel in the main area, or, for a more intimate gathering, congregate in The EnGINe Room as you sit amongst copper piping, switches and dials.

Christmas at Mrs Fogg's

This Christmas, revel in the festive spirit at our raucous Victorian-style drinkery!

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Mrs Fogg’s Dockside Drinkery & Distillery

37 Broadgate Circle, London EC2M 2QS
Nearest tube station: Liverpool Street

0207 590 5257

From Monday 25th November to the beginning of January, our opening hours are subject to change due to private events. Please kindly see here for the weekly hours. Many thanks.

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