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Home to an adventurous collection of curative tonics, restorative remedies and compounded libations from around the world.

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Join us for most sublime and exotic ingredients from around the world are compounded with homemade tinctures, infusions and cordials.

Mr Fogg's Apothecary

Located on Brook Street opposite the iconic Claridge’s hotel, the elegant new Victorian Apothecary transports guests into Phileas’ wonderfully eccentric world. Follow a majestic grand staircase leading down to an impressive long bar, stocked to the rafters with his extensive apothecary collection. Here, Mr Fogg’s Apothecary team prescribe, formulate, measure out and dispense the perfect cocktail serves, with precise weighing scales at hand.

Compounded Libations & Elixirs

This new Mayfair cocktail bar showcases the vast array of potions and elixirs collected by Mr Fogg on his epic voyage around the world. Composed of plants, powders, saps and antivenoms from all ends of the earth, The Apothecary unveils a truly miraculous multitude of tinctures, tonics and remedies used by Mr Fogg for every ailment imaginable. He could not be more delighted to share his collection with trusted friends and explorers – all in the form of delectable cocktails, served in medicinal bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Mr Fogg's Cocktail Experiments

Enter the mysterious Elixir Room and unleash your inner Victorian mad scientist with two hours of cocktail-making and experimenting, including three cocktails, a welcome vaccine shot and entertainment.

Led by one of Mr Fogg’s daring Pharmacists, you’ll mix unique ingredients that fizz, bubble, and even transform the colour of your concoctions. Explore the limits of mixology, as you experiment with an elixir that can miraculously uncover hidden cocktail ingredients. Sip and savour your creations, as you discover a world of complex and unexpected flavours.

Every Saturday afternoon

The Apothecary Room

Reminiscent of a magnificent Victorian Mayfair townhouse, The Apothecary Room is beautifully designed with old grandfather clocks, upholstered furniture and curiosities from around the world – a wonderfully comfortable space for guests to settle in for the evening. Portraits of Fogg’s most trusted scientists, botanists and pharmacists adorn the walls, alongside his vast collection of wooden apothecary cabinets.

The Elixir Room

With its own separate entrance, exclusive private bar and three large booths, The Elixir Room provides the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the busy surrounding streets. Here, you can hide away and sample some of Mr Fogg’s most restorative tipples. This cosy backroom houses 24 Hennessy cabinets, each with a unique key lock for Fogg’s most esteemed regulars to deposit their own personal bottles of spirits.

Available for private parties of up to 70 guests, The Elixir Room also offers secret access to the adjoining main room, through an unassuming door built into the cabinet wall.

Late-Night DJ

The Pharmacist’s called in a live swinging DJ to liven things up at Mr Fogg’s Apothecary! Find your late-night remedy from an array of potions and elixirs collected from around the world, as you enjoy the melodious sounds of music in this wonderfully eccentric atmosphere.

Every Friday & Saturday night between 10.01pm and 1.31am

Christmas at The Apothecary

This Christmas, step into Mr Fogg’s grand Victorian Apothecary in Mayfair. From private Christmas parties, to seasonal drinks tables and adventurous Cocktail Experiments, join us this jolly season and find your festive remedy within the splendid cosy surroundings of The Apothecary.

Mr Fogg's Apothecary
34 Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 5DN
Nearest tube station: Bond Street
020 7590 5259

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