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Are you ready for an adventure?
Each location in the Mr Fogg’s collection has it’s own signature cocktail menu to explore.

Signature Drinks

Dreams of a Traveller

Push the boundaries of the ordinary. enjoy the tastes of these astonishing far-flung locales

Easter Island

Rapa Nui

Short / Nutty / Fruity

Bacardí Añejo Cuatro rum, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, Roots cinnamon liqueur, banana shrub, peanut butter, fresh lemon juice and fresh pink grapefruit juice

Hanga Roa

Long / Tropical / Spiced

Hennessy V.S. cognac, Disaronno liqueur, Bacardí Carta Negra rum, Lazzaroni maraschino cherry liqueur, guava purée, jerk spice, pineapple juice, guanabana juice, fresh pink grapefruit juice and Fentimans ginger beer

Grand Canyon

Guano Point

Short / Woody / Rich

Dewar’s 12yr Scotch whisky, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino vermouth, chocolate brownie, Lucano Classico amaro and maple syrup

Canyon Coyote

Long / Fruity / Spicy

Enemigo 89 Añejo Cristalino tequila, Ancho Reyes chilli liqueur, prickly pear purée, fresh lime juice and tonka bean-infused agave syrup

Amazon Rainforest

Cave of the Painted Man

Long / Fruity / Exotic

Bombay Sapphire gin, Martini Fiero vermouth, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino vermouth, mango wine, passion fruit Kola Inglesa and fresh lime juice

Terra Petra de Indio

Long / Floral / smoked

Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom spirit, Laphroaig 10yr Scotch whisky, Leblon cachaça, mango wine and fresh lemon juice

Machu Picchu

Feast of the Sun

Short / Fruity / Refreshing

Grey Goose L’Original vodka, cacao butter-infused Martini Riserva Speciale Ambrato vermouth, passion fruit Kola Inglesa and fresh orange juice

The Inca Trail

Foamy / Roasted / Rich

Patrón Silver tequila, Discarded cascara vermouth, Tia Maria coffee liqueur, cold brew coffee, tonka bean-infused agave syrup and phylasis foam

Sahara Desert

The Old Savannah

Long / Rich / Fruity

Bacardí Carta Blanca rum, Campari aperitif, fig, date, fortified wine, thyme cordial and fresh lime juice

A Mirage

Long / Refreshing / Citrusy

VII Hills gin, Italicus bergamot liqueur, za’atar liqueur, Turkish apple & rose tea and fresh lemon juice

Mount Fuji

Oshino Hakkai

Sour / Fruity / Delicate

Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, sake, cantaloupe melon purée, rice mirin, fresh lemon juice and egg white


Short / Herbal / Fruity

Hendrick’s Orbium gin, Chambord black raspberry liqueur, fresh lime juice and pandan leaf water

Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Jaunt to the Countryside

Long / Fruity / Refreshing

Seedlip Garden 108 non-alcoholic spirit, banana shrub and fresh lime juice

Fix Up, Look Sharp!

Long / Roasted / Exotic

Seedlip Grove 42 non-alcoholic spirit, cold brew coffee, fresh pink grapefruit juice, guanabana juice and tonka bean-infused agave syrup

Fantasies of an Engineer

The Mechanical Mixologist


A faultless negroni created by ingenuous automation £13

Star of Bombay gin, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino vermouth and Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter aperitif

Cellar of a Magickian


Mӧet & Chandon Brut Impérial Blanc N.V.

125ml £15 | 750ml £88 | 1,500ml £185


Vaporetto Extra Seco Spumante

125ml £8.5 | 750ml £44

White wine

Finca Valero Macabeo

175ml £6.8 | 750ml £28

Maison Belenger Colombard

175ml £7.8 | 750ml £32

Conto Vecchio Pinot Grigio

175ml £8.2 | 750ml £34

Domaine Roux Père et Fils, Les Cotilles Chardonnay

175ml £9.5 | 750ml £39

Rosé wine

Petit Papillon Grenache

175ml £6.8 | 750ml £28

Château d’Astros

175ml £9.5 | 750ml £39

Red Wine

Finca Valero Tempranillo Garnacha

175ml £6.8 | 750ml £28

Poderi dal Nespoli Fico Grande Sangiovese

175ml £7.8 | 750ml £32

Riva Leone Barbera

175ml £8.5 | 750ml £36

Domaine Roux Père et Fils, Les Cotilles Pinot Noir

175ml £9.5 | 750ml £39

Bottled Beer & Cider

Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager 330ml £5.4
Five Grain Lager 330ml £5.8
Singha Thai Lager 330ml £5.7
Whitstable Bay Pale Ale 500ml £6.5
Aspall Draught Cyder 330ml £6.2
Rekorderlig Botanicals Cider Rhubarb, Lemon & Mint 330ml £6.5

Heineken 0.0.% 330ml £3.5
Freestar 0.0.% 330ml £4