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Around the World | Japan

Covent Garden


Following a memorable few weeks exploring numerous impressive cities in China, our adventurous pair continued their tour of Asia with a flight to Tokyo, Japan. Home to an eclectic mix of contemporary high rise superstructures as well classic Japanese architecture, this cosmopolitan metropolis offers a unique blend of modernity and antiquity.


Upon reaching Tokyo, in true Fogg fashion, our courageous explorers rode a speedy ‘Bullet’ train to the South-East Coast. From there, they began a two day cycle across 7 small islands in the Pacific, totalling 80km. Although intense, it proved to be a wonderful way of appreciating the natural beauty of the landscape and perfect way to enjoy oodles of fresh Sashimi and other local delicacies.


Our inquisitive pair spent their time in Kyoto exploring the city’s ancient backstreets, sampling delicious Ramen and watching Geishas stroll through the old town. Swapping their travel attire for Yukata robes and slippers, our intrepid pair also enjoyed a relaxing stay in a Ryokan. Ryokans are traditional Japanese style inns which were originally built for weary travellers and Samurais to rest when travelling along the vast Tokaido highway connecting Tokyo and Kyoto’s Imperial Palace.


Centered on the ideals of minimalism, “Wa” (harmony) and calmness, their stay in a Ryokan provided an opportunity for our curious pair to immerse themselves in the intrinsic beauty of “Omotenashi”, traditional Japanese hospitality which is deep rooted in Japanese culture. Bring on week two of Japanese adventure!

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