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Signature menu

A Worldly List of Medicinal Libations

These libations are served exclusively at Mr Fogg’s Apothecary. The most sublime and exotic ingredients from around the world are compounded with homemade tinctures, infusions and cordials for your pleasure and delight!


Quack’s Compound

Quack’s Compound


Lemon Verbena: a reliable rejuvenator for those troubled by overbearing mental strain

Bombay Bramble gin, Essentiae lemon verbena liqueur, fresh lime juice, bergamot syrup and cardamom bitters, topped up with Franklin & Sons rose lemonade

Salve to Soothe

Salve to Soothe


Dandelion & Burdock: an invigorating tonic against craftsman’s ailments, particularly those causing regrettable afflictions of the skin

Volcán de Mi Tierra Añejo Cristalino tequila, Ardbeg 10yr Scotch whisky, Hendrick’s absinthe, Galliano L’Autentico herbal liqueur, chilli-infused agave syrup and dandelion & burdock bitters

Herbalist on Brook Street

Herbalist on Brook Street


Basil: a herb imbued with natural oils that are guaranteed to ease the inflammations of the body inflicted by the miasmas of industrial London

Secret Garden Apothecary Rose gin, Lillet Blanc wine-based apéritif, basil remedy shrub, fresh lime juice, rose water and egg white

Choke and Smoke

Choke and Smoke


Artichoke: a vigorous cure-all that enlivens the spirit and encourages fortitude of bone, body and constitution

Woodford Reserve Bourbon whiskey, Cynar artichoke liqueur, chocolate brownie-infused Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino vermouth, Mancino Chinato vermouth and Angostura bitters, topped with a coffee mist

Count Your Blessings


Chamomile: a daily curative for those encumbered by the spectre of the black dog

Bacardí Carta Blanca rum, Martini Riserva Speciale Ambrato vermouth, Chartreuse Yellow herbal liqueur, fresh lemon juice, chamomile tea syrup, egg white and Angostura bitters


Dram Stoker


Rosemary: an encourager a sanguine disposition through the revitalisation of marrow and spleen

Dewar’s 12yr Scotch whisky, Lucano Anniversario amaro, clementine purée, maple syrup, orange & mandarin bitters and fresh rosemary

Frenchman’s Constitution

Frenchman’s Constitution


Root Bitters: a calmer of all matters relating to an enlivened digestive tract, whether incurred through richness of palate or discomfort in opposition

Hennessy X.O. cognac, Woodford Reserve Rye whiskey, Carpano Antica Formula vermouth, Grand Marnier orange liqueur and Mr Fogg’s Apothecary bitters

Bitter Spill


Gentian: an acetous tincture best imbibed to encourage voracious appetites in those shy of hearty consumption

Eucalyptus leaf-infused The Botanist gin, Suze gentian liqueur, Nardini Acqua di Cedro lemon liqueur and white Penja pepper cordial, topped up with Moët & Chandon Impérial Blanc N.V. Champagne

Fields of Pontefract


Liquorice: an invigorating dropwater administered since time immemorial for the betterment of digestive ailments

Mount Gay Black Barrel Double Cask Blend rum, Jägermeister Manifest liqueur, GIMBER ginger concentrate, fresh lime juice, Mr Fogg’s Apothecary molasses and liquorice bitters, topped up with Franklin & Sons brewed ginger beer

No Delicacy Such as Celery


Celery: a fine source of digestive roughage that ensures clockwork timeliness and an efficient delivery

Tullamore D.E.W. XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish whiskey and Roots cinnamon liqueur, topped up with homemade celery & green apple soda


Eyes Wide Open


Honey Water: a powerful hydrating agent capable of engendering alertness of mind and body from dawn till dusk

Beeswax-infused Patrón Reposado tequila, Nixta corn liqueur, honey water, smoked sea salt and Peychaud’s Bitters, topped with a lemon mist

Heart of a Regent


Bergamot: a supporter of a powerful heart, clear of arterial incumbency, inclined towards longevity

Belvedere Organic Infusions Lemon & Basil vodka, Italicus bergamot liqueur and lime & mint sorbet, topped up with Moët & Chandon Impérial Blanc N.V. Champagne

Doctor’s Lively Fizz Tin


Kombucha: a lively fermentable that rebalances a rich tapestry of bodily functions and settles notions of unpleasantness in the palette

Aperol aperitif, Essentiae lemon verbena liqueur, fresh lime juice and raspberry syrup, topped with a rhubarb & white peach Kombucha & passion fruit foam

Short Sharp Prick


Prickly Pear: a reliable quenchable that also promotes regularity in the healthy functioning of the pancreas

Volcán de Mi Tierra Blanco tequila, Ancho Reyes Verde chilli liqueur, prickly pear purée, fresh lime juice and agave syrup, topped up with Franklin & Sons pink grapefruit soda



Rice Milk: an imbuer of ensured vitality and lively disposition

Hennessy V.S. cognac, matcha & rice milk, fresh lime juice, coconut water and pandan leaf syrup




Sage: an age-old improver of attentiveness, mood and memory

Sage-infused Bombay Sapphire gin, Calabro fennel liqueur, fresh lemon juice and cough-syrup bursting bubbles

Mother’s Helper

Mother’s Helper


Coffee: a potent diminisher of tiredness through the blocking of adenosine receptors, preventing the chemical from exerting its soporific effects

Belvedere vodka, Tia Maria coffee liqueur, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, Disaronno liqueur, espresso and orgeat syrup, topped with a vanilla & cream cheese foam

Soaked in Ether


Ginseng: an invigorating remedy for the twin maladies of fatigue and insomnia

Eminente Reserva 7yr rum, Evangelista Ratafia cherry liqueur, pomegranate juice, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice and ginseng syrup

Having a Blast


Oak Bark: a deterrent against the rise of vascular improprieties, reducing the appearance and discomfort of inflammation in the veins

Angel’s Envy whiskey, Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter aperitif, Montenegro amaro, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino vermouth and oak bark tea

High on My Own Supply


Mixed Spices: a potent blend of spices carefully selected to deliver a livening dose of vim and vigour

Glenmorangie Original 10yr Scotch whisky, Essentiae peach tree leaf liqueur, fresh lemon juice, spiced Earl Grey tea, apricot jam and honey water


Laudanum for Madam


Pineapple: a loosener of stiffness and reliever of pains in ageing and wearied joints

Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru gin, Chambord black raspberry liqueur, Muyu Vetiver Gris woodland liqueur, pineapple purée, tepache and fresh lime juice, topped with a rhubarb & white peach Kombucha & passion fruit foam

Ginger Pasteur


Ginger: a calmer of nausea and soother of aching muscles

Ardbeg 10yr Scotch whisky, Drambuie Scotch whisky liqueur, Nonsuch caramelised pineapple & ginger shrub, GIMBER ginger concentrate, fresh lemon juice and egg white

Opium for the Masses


Tepache: a tackler of the fire and brimstone of a digestive tract burdened by gluttonous excess

Santa Teresa 1796 rum, Discarded Cascara vermouth, Wray & Nephew White Overproof rum, tepache, coconut water, sugar and spiced chocolate bitters

Coco Pro Quo



Coconut Water: a source of potassium and natural sugars, which instantly hydrates the body, making it an excellent choice whether you have been ill or are simply seeking revitalisation

Caleño Light & Zesty non-alcoholic spirit, matcha & rice milk, coconut water and pandan leaf syrup

Abstinence Makes the Heart Go Yonder



Pomegranate: a treasure trove of potassium, re-establishing the requisite healthy levels diminished by activities of the night before

Caleño Dark & Spicy non-alcoholic spirit, Martini Vibrante non-alcoholic aperitif, fresh lime juice and pomegranate syrup, topped up with Franklin & Sons rhubarb tonic water with hibiscus


Available to enjoy at all London establishments of Phileas J. Fogg, Esq.



Hendrick’s gin, fresh cucumber, fresh lemon juice, sugar, egg white and black pepper



Oxley gin, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, cloudy apple juice, fresh lime juice, sugar and peach bitters

Spicy Rupee


Vanilla-infused Smirnoff Black No. 55 Small Batch vodka, elderflower cordial, fresh lime juice, honey syrup and chilli flakes

The Orient


Grey Goose L’Original vodka*, cucumber, fresh lime juice, sugar and fresh mint
*also available with Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru gin in the place of Grey Goose L’Original vodka

Perfect Timing


Patrón Silver tequila, Cointreau orange liqueur, pink grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice and chipotle chilli-infused hibiscus syrup

Vintage Cocktails

The finest vintage spirits in the world’s most renowned classic cocktails. The adventure began right here.
Each drink will be mixed and served from our drinks trolley at your table.



Gordon’s gin (1970s), Campari aperitif (1980s) and Martini & Rossi vermouth (1960s)

Hemingway Daiquiri


Bacardí Superior rum (1970s), Luxardo Maraschino liqueur (1960s), fresh grapefruit juice and fresh lime juice

Vesper Martini


Gilbey’s gin (1960s), Smirnoff vodka (1960s), and Kina Lillet liquor (1960s)

White Lady


Gordon’s gin (1970s), Cointreau orange liqueur (1970s), fresh lemon juice and egg white



Sauza Blanco tequila (1970s), Cointreau orange liqueur (1970s) and fresh lime juice

Between The Sheets


Hine Fine Champagne V.S.O.P cognac (1970s), Bacardí Superior rum (1970s), Cointreau orange liqueur (1970s) and fresh lemon juice

Rob Roy


Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch whisky (1980s), Martini & Rossi vermouth (1960s) and Angostura bitters


Glass 125ml | Bottle

Moët & Chandon Impérial Blanc N.V.

£17 | £95

Moët & Chandon Impérial Rosé N.V.

£19 | £110

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Blanc


Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Rosé


Moët & Chandon Impérial Blanc N.V.

Magnum £195

Moët & Chandon Impérial Rosé N.V

Magnum £250

Moët & Chandon Impérial Blanc N.V.

Jeroboam £550

Moët & Chandon Impérial Rosé N.V.

Jeroboam £750

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label N.V.

£19 | £110

Veuve Clicquot Rosé N.V.


Veuve Clicquot Vintage Blanc


Veuve Clicquot Vintage Rosé


Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Vintage Blanc


Ruinart Blanc de Blancs N.V.

£28 | £165

Ruinart Rosé N.V.

£29.5 | £175

Dom Ruinart Vintage Blanc de Blancs


Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon Blanc

Glass £55 Bottle £295 Magnum £695

Dom Pérignon Blanc P2

Bottle £600

Dom Pérignon Rosé

Bottle £550 Magnum £1,300


Now Is No Ordinary Moment in Time

Krug Grande Cuvée

Glass £60 Half Bottle £170 Bottle £320 Magnum £740

Krug Vintage

Bottle £410

Krug Rosé

Bottle £550

Wine by the Glass

Glass 175ml | Bottle


Domaine Roux Père et Fils, Les Côtilles, Chardonnay,

£9.8 | £40

Burgundy, France

Aromas suggest broom, white rose, acacia, honeysuckle, fern, verbena, lemongrass and citrus fruit.

Satellite, Sauvignon Blanc,

£10.2 | £42

Marlborough, New Zealand

Aromas of full tropical fruit, yellow pepper, and herbal grassiness. The palate shows green pineapple and a good balance of fruit and acidity. Zippy on the finish.

Terrazas, Reserva, Torrontés,

£14 | £58

Cafayate, Argentina

A superbly balanced, aromatic and floral white wine, with a refreshing acidity punctuated by tropical and stone-fruit characteristics.

Cape Mentelle, Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon,

£15 | £62

Margaret River, Australia

Brilliant light hay, with green edges. Fresh green lime, lemon sorbet and crisp cucumber aromas, with hints of freshly-cut lemongrass, pink peppercorn and wisteria blossom.

Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc,

£18 | £75

Marlborough, New Zealand

A wine full of fresh herbal aromas and layers of ripe guava and tropical fruit.


Maison Mirabeau, Classic,

£10.2 | £42

Côtes de Provence, France

An elegant pale pink colour. The nose is delicate yet expressive, encompassing red berry, white peach and floral aromas such as rose and jasmine.

Château d’Esclans, Whispering Angel,

£14 | £58 | £120

Côtes de Provence, France

Enticingly pale in colour. Fresh notes of apple, pink grapefruit, peach and cream, and a long, smooth finish.


Domaine Roux Père et Fils, Les Côtilles, Pinot Noir,

£9.8 | £40

Burgundy, France

Red ruby colour, fresh on the nose with notes of red and black fruits.

Tilia, Malbec,

£10.2 | £42

Mendoza, Argentina

Plum, blackberry and dark chocolate flavours with a hint of pepper and spice are all evident on the nose and palate.

Alain Jaume, Haut de Brun,

£11.5 | £48

Côtes du Rhône, France

A beautiful purple-tinged garnet. Aromas range from fresh red berry to assorted spice.

Terrazas, Reserva, Malbec,

£14 | £58

Mendoza, Argentina

Brimming with red fruit, cherry, sour cherry, dried plum and raisin, and permeated by delicate floral scents and touches of toasted vanilla and caramel.

Cloudy Bay, Pinot Noir,

£20 | £84

Marlborough, New Zealand

Opulent aromas of dark plum and cardamom spice are enhanced by the earthy scent of liquorice and a hint of smoked oak.

Wine by the Bottle


Domaine Fouassier, Les Chasseignes, Sancerre


Loire, France

Alois Lageder, Porer, Pinot Grigio


Alto Adige, Italy

Alois Lageder, Löwengang, Chardonnay


Alto Adige, Italy

Gaja, Rossj-Bass, Langhe-Chardonnay,


Piedmont, Italy

Prophet’s Rock, Pinot Gris


Central Otago, New Zealand


Moulin de La Lagune, Haut-Médoc


Bordeaux, France

Château Pétrus, Pomerol


Bordeaux, France

Villa Belvedere, Amarone della Valpolicella


Veneto, Italy

Gaja, Costa Russi, Langhe

Magnum £980

Piedmont, Italy

Ornellaia, Bolgheri Superiore

Magnum £1,020

Tuscany, Italy

Phincas, Rioja Alavesa


Rioja, Spain

Terrazas, Cabernet Sauvignon


Mendoza, Argentina

Terrazas, Grand Malbec


Mendoza, Argentina


Château d'Esclans, Rock Angel


Côtes de Provence, France

Dessert Wine

Glass 100ml | Bottle 500ml

Royal Tokaji, Late Harvest

£12 | £55

Tokaj, Hungary

Beer & Cider

Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager


4.5% 330 ml

A pale, refreshing lager with spicy overtones perfectly balanced by the scent of fresh flowers and buttery biscuit base notes.

Five Grain Lager


5% 330 ml

Barley, rye, wheat, maize and rice combine to result in a complex yet refreshing pale gold lager. Aromatic French Strisselspalt hops lend a distinctive refreshing citrus aroma.

Birra Menabrea Bionda


4.8% 330ml

Menabrea is matured gently at the perfect temperature in cave cellars for a taste of superior clarity. This pale lager is well balanced between citrus and bitter notes, with floral and fruity undertones.

Singha Thai Lager


5% 330 ml

Double Saaz hops provide a purely distinctive palate. Clean, fresh and toasty flavours, with a tropical fruit aftertaste.

Whitstable Bay Pale Ale


4% 500 ml

A light, refreshing, thirst-quenching ale with sweet maltiness balanced by fresh pine notes.

Shepherd Neame Double Stout


5.2% 500 ml

A blend of four different malts with a firm bitterness courtesy of Kentish hops. It is a velvety smooth beer with dry, burnt flavours and cocoa and coffee notes.

Days Lager


0.0% 330ml

Clean, crisp and sessionable. Lightly malted, with well-balanced floral and citrus notes.

Days Pale Ale


0.0% 330ml

Bold, balanced and vibrant. Tropical overtones, with a satisfyingly clean grapefruit finish.

Orchard View Cider

V+ GF £7.5

4.5% 500 ml

The finest dessert, culinary and cider apple varieties, including Falstaff and Dabinett, are artfully blended to produce a refreshing, well-balanced cider. Suitable for vegans and gluten free.

Kentish Pip Forager - Hedgerow Berry Cider


4% 330 ml

A taste sensetion packed full of juicy hedgerow berry and bursting with flavour. Hidden gems of autumn hedgerow are paired with crisp Kentish apple cider. Not overly sweet, with rich fruity character and notes of ripe pear to finish.